Wills, Estates & Probate

The Collaery Lawyers team is dedicated to the community aspect of its legal practice. Through drawing wills and estate planning, the team gets the chance to meet with local families and watch them grow over the years. 

Importantly, the team recognises that issues involving family members, capital and values are extremely confidential and personal. 

Collaery Lawyers accepts the responsibility of drafting and safe-keeping will and estate planning documents, which are valuable forms of personal security that ensures the future protection of those nearest and dearest to you.  

In drawing wills and estate planning, Collaery Lawyers advises clients on the appropriate legal instruments to suit their financial position and values. The team also gives careful consideration to complex issues regarding assets and rights during marriage breakdowns, provisions for family members with special needs, income tax and social security benefits and claims by children from previous marriages.

The following are examples of matters in which our lawyers have been involved:

  • Lodging caveats with the NSW and ACT Supreme Courts to prevent dealings in a deceased’s property being made where the validity of a Will is in dispute.

  • Representing minor beneficiaries in a Will dispute involving allegations of undue influence over the making of a Will by an elderly relative.

  • Preparing various Wills for couples and couples with blended families.

  • Preparing Binding Financial Agreements for couples prior to moving in together, where one individual holds more assets than the other.

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