Public Interest Disclosures: Whistleblowing

Individuals who are prepared to take a stand and speak truth to power are crucial to a healthy democracy. Allegations about wrongdoing in the public sector by public sector workers and members of the public help to uncover corruption and other misuses of public resources.

Although it is easy to know when something is wrong, when a colleague is doing the wrong thing or when systems aren’t working properly, it is not as simple to navigate the legislation that permits whistleblowing.

The experienced solicitors at Collaery Lawyers can best advise clients on how to speak out against wrongdoing so that they are protected from reprisals. They understand the importance of carefully sourcing appropriate avenues to make complaint in public interest disclosures. Crucially, their approach seeks to ensure that the reputations of our clients are protected during and after the disclosure.

  • Corrupt Conduct

  • Maladministration

  • Misuse of Public Resources

  • Danger to Public Health or Safety

  • Danger to the Environment