Criminal Law

It is vital to obtain urgent legal advice if you have been charged with an offence or think you may be under investigation. The court system and its processes can be incredibly confusing, stressful and overwhelming; let us guide you through it and protect your interests.

We know the courts in the ACT and NSW. Our lawyers have extensive experience in criminal litigation extending from the Magistrates Court to the Appellate level. 

We relieve the burden from you. Our mission is to give you and your family members peace of mind and to offer you the support that you will need during the complicated process.  

We communicate with you promptly and effectively. We provide you with informed advice regarding potential defences, defence strategy and your prospect of success at trial. 

We have developed sound professional relationships with experts. We work with expert psychiatrists, forensic accountants and experts to explore whether defences are available to our clients. 

Our lawyers understand how to work with the media. If protecting your reputation is important, we can issue press releases or provide strategies for dealing with the media.  

We travel internationally to represent Australians charged with offences outside Australia. We are resourceful and are experienced in performing our own investigations abroad and liaising with local police, lawyers and politicians as well as Australian consular staff. Where appropriate, we draw upon our vast international media contacts to raise awareness of unjust prosecutions.  

We vigorously defend extradition cases. We have a sound knowledge of international extradition treaties and Australian laws. Our lawyers have travelled to the former Yugoslavia nations to investigate prosecutions and have had considerable success in seeking meetings with local prosecutors and working cooperatively with foreign lawyers.

The following are examples of matters in which our lawyers have been involved:

  • Secured “no-conviction” penalties for clients charged with minor offences.

  • Successfully defended murder charges for a woman on grounds of self defence.

  • Represented a client charged with murdering her mother and obtained various expert psychiatrist and psychologist in support of a mental impairment defence.

  • Successfully defended a client charged with child sexual assault overseas in two jury trials.

  • Successfully attained minimal penalties and special licenses for clients convicted of drink driving offences.

  • Counselled an Australian client charged with overseas offences relating to trafficking and drug possession in the Philippines.

  • Acted for a client charged with war crimes offences and made submissions to prevent extradition to Bosnia.

  • Drug Offences

  • Assault/Violent Offences

  • Fraud

  • Property Damage

  • Domestic Violence/AVOs

  • Robbery

  • Sexual Offences

  • Murder/Manslaughter

  • Commonwealth/Federal Offences

  • Bail Applications

  • White Collar Crime

  • Police Interviews

  • Extra-territorial Offences

  • War Crimes

  • Extradition Cases


"I want to profoundly thank Bernard Collaery and Collaery Lawyers for their advice and professionalism in a time of panic during my criminal matter. Collaery Lawyers handled my matter with utmost care and compassion accompanied with knowledge and expertise. The best outcome was achieved for my matter and I could not be more grateful for Collaery Lawyers and Bernard Collaery’s assistance."

–  HL, Canberra