Relieving the burden.

We are an independent firm with a rich history of serving clients for over 40 years. We advise individuals, families, charitable institutions, businesses and entrepreneurs. Established by former ACT Attorney-General, Bernard Collaery, we have a reputation for speaking truth to power. We understand the needs of our clients and relieve the burden of emotional and stressful litigation. We pay careful attention to quality and personal service. Our clients tell us they value our professional judgment, attention to personal service, practical solutions and value for money.



When you are facing a criminal charge, retaining expert legal counsel is critical. Our solicitors have extensive experience in criminal litigation extending from the Magistrates Court to the Appellate level in both the ACT and NSW. 

We provide clients with informed advice regarding potential defences, defence strategy and chances of success at trial. You can be assured of competent, discrete and knowledgeable representation from our criminal litigators.


If you, or somebody dear to you, has suffered an injury or illness due to careless, unprofessional or incompetent treatment at the hands of a medical provider, the legal process that arises can be quite complex. Medical negligence is a contentious area of legal practice and requires the services of experienced and committed solicitors who hold good judgement.

Our solicitors have handled matters across nearly ever type of health care matter including:

  • Clinical trials.
  • Complaints management.
  • Coroner Inquests and fatal accident claims.
  • Cosmetic and general surgery claims. 
  • Data protection and privacy compliance.
  • Hospital Acquired Infection claims.
  • Human fertilisation, embryology and surrogacy.
  • Human tissue management, including organ retention and tissue testing.
  • Medical devices and equipment claims.
  • Obstetric claims, including cerebral palsy and wrongful birth claims. 
  • Orthopaedic claims.
  • Professional disciplinary proceedings.
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.
  • Treatment of patients without mental capacity.
  • Withdrawal of life saving treatment.


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We understand the complex legal rules involved in our clients’ claims and provide experience in the assessment of success for cases of personal injury.

We work closely with clients to establish litigation strategies, develop creative solutions and advise clients on the best course of action.

Our litigation team has extensive experience in pursuing damages claims from catastrophic events such as the Thredbo Landslide disaster, the Royal Canberra Hospital Implosion and the January 2003 NSW/ACT Bushfires.

We also practice specifically in the following personal injury litigation areas:

  • Compensation to relatives of a deceased
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical negligence


    Individuals who are prepared to take a stand and speak truth to power are crucial to a healthy democracy.  Allegations about wrongdoing in the public sector by public sector workers and members of the public help to uncover corruption and other misuses of public resources.

    Although it is easy to know when something is wrong, when a colleague is doing the wrong thing or when systems aren’t working properly, it is not as simple to navigate the legislation that permits whistleblowing.

    Our lawyers can best advise clients on how to speak out against wrongdoing so that they are protected from reprisals.


        The quest for meaning of an unwelcome death is foremost to us.

        Our coronial lawyers possess extensive experience in representing the families who have lost loved ones and we are highly equipped to identify the causes and contributors of a death to assist the court in making preventative recommendations.

        Notable inquests and inquiries that our inquest practice has acted in include:

            COMMERCIAL LAW

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            We recognise that issues involving family members, capital and values are extremely confidential and personal.

            We advise clients on the appropriate legal instruments to suit their financial position and values in relation to wills and estate planning. In drawing wills and estate planning, we give careful consideration to complex issues regarding assets and rights during marriage breakdowns, provisions for family members with special needs, income tax and social security benefits and claims by children from previous marriages.

            Our specific areas include:

            • Wills
            • Estate Planning
            • Probate
            • Powers of Attorney